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Bojangles streamlines mobile customer experience

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Bojangles is enhancing its mobile engagement of customers.

Bojangles is unifying its in-store and online engagement of customers via its mobile app.

The Charlotte, N.C.-based Southern food restaurant chain, which has approximately 760 locations in 14 states throughout the Southeast, is overhauling its enterprise with Sparkfly technology. Leveraging Sparkfly solutions, Bojangles will integrate its POS systems with its offer management platform to connect the entire customer engagement experience.

Upon completion of the integration, Bojangles’ online and in-store POS transactions will be fully integrated and normalized, offering mobile app users a single digital customer experience that operates in any location, on any mobile device, or from any computer.

And by adding a digital wallet to its mobile app, Bojangles, will be able to deliver real-time personalized offers in collaboration with its marketing and service cloud platforms, and acquire new customers. Bojangles’ new mobile app campaign is expected to officially launch to consumers in May 2022.

Specific features of Bojangles’ new seamless customer engagement strategy include:

Incentive program
Leveraging Sparkfly’s offer management capabilities, Bojangles can acquire new customers, collect transactional data, issue personalized offers through any form of media or distribution channel, and redeem them as part of an online order or through single-scan technology at the POS.

Mobile app campaigns
Utiliizng Sparkfly’s mobile wallet technology, Bojangles can make all offers available directly to customers in their mobile app, which can be used seamlessly online and via in-app ordering.

In-restaurant technology tntelligence
Sparkfly’s bi-directional POS integration will support Bojangles’ real-time communication of all transactional data to other marketing and analytics technologies, breaking down marketing data silos and establishing a 360-degree view of the customer.

Frictionless online ordering
The retailer will deploy Sparkfly smart landing page technology to allowing online customers to redeem an online offer with a single click, with the goal of reducing cart abandonment. Bojangles will also streamlines its promotional capabilities by enabling a single platform that manages all offers being redeemed through the online ordering platform or at the in-store POS.

Younger consumers drive mobile shift
Bojangles is focusing on its mobile app as a seamless customer engagement tool as mobile devices continue to grow in importance as an omnichannel shopping tool, especially among certain generations. According to a recent survey from global retail bank, payments, and shopping service Klarna, 68% of surveyed U.S. consumers say they are shopping more often now with their mobile phones than they were two years ago, with eight in 10 mobile shopping within the last 12 months. This is particularly true among Gen Z (79%) and millennial (77%) respondents.

“We are excited to partner with Bojangles to help them build a best-in-class mobile app and digital experience for their customers,” said Sparkfly founder and CEO Catherine Tabor. “At our core, we exist to empower QSR brands to be more innovative through a modernized approach to real-time data collection and personalized offers; this 360-degree customer engagement strategy is sure to transform the customer experience and positively impact the overall dining experience.”

“Sparkfly will be a great partner for Bojangles as we redefine the way our consumers experience, purchase, and engage with us by enhancing our mobile app and POS ecosystems to deliver a modern and seamless engagement and ordering journey for millions of our customers,” said Sergio Perez, Sr. Director of Omnichannel at Bojangles.

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