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Asda enhances omnichannel capabilities with order management overhaul

Asda is revamping its order management and online delivery processes.

Asda is modernizing its order management capabilities and engaging a new online delivery platform.

The U.K.-based supermarket retailer, which was sold by its former parent company Walmart in February 2021, is leveraging Blue Yonder Luminate Commerce order management solutions to enhance its customer experience. Asda is building on an end-to-end implementation of Blue Commerce supply chain technology it launched in 2021.

The retailer is implementing cloud microservices-based Blue Yonder order management solutions with goals including faster order processing; providing real-time inventory visibility throughout the shopping experience for customers; and connecting its entire supply chain to obtain the capacity to fulfill demand across any channel, at any time. Asda also seeks to provide dynamic slotting options to its end customer for both home deliveries and in-store pickup orders.

By deploying Blue Yonder’s flexible, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-based cloud microservices, Asda also seeks to optimize its entire click-to-deliver customer experience, starting with customer engagement and running through order fulfillment.

As part of this effort, Asda is partnering with delivery and cloud fulfillment platform Bringg to optimize its last-mile operations to make customer deliveries on-time. The retailer will utilize Bringg to support its home delivery service and click-and-collect offering, as well as new channels.

“Omnichannel is at the heart of our strategy and customer proposition, where we want to provide a great customer experience and a seamless user journey. We have been extremely impressed by Blue Yonder’s order management systems (OMS) microservices, which we will deploy across our grocery, clothing and general merchandise segments,” said Carl Dawson, CIO, Asda.

“Asda is leading a game-changing retail transformation focused on customer centricity, from first to last mile. We are very excited to extend our relationship with Asda into an area where we are connecting e-commerce with a true omnichannel landscape. Our modern OMS microservices are engineered to scale, perform and operate under the highest volumes seen on the market. Our OMS microservices, SaaS native, API-first components leverage the latest technology and engineering to speed up our clients’ transformations. We believe that this will help Asda to continue to modernize its business and invest in customer proposition,” said Gael Ramaen, VP, commerce, Blue Yonder.

“The challenges and complexities of faster, more convenient and on-demand order orchestration, delivery and fulfillment are grand,” said Nikolai Avrutov, VP alliances, Bringg. “In order to achieve game-changing capabilities on these fronts, retailers need their technology vendors to work closely together and to relentlessly raise the bar for its mutual customers through tight collaboration and strategic co-innovation. We are proud to be doing just that with Blue Yonder for Asda.”

Operating more than 580 stores and headquartered in Leeds, England, Asda consists of supercenters, superstores, and smaller supermarkets. The retailer also runs gasoline stations and Asda Living stores, which offer its private-label clothing and home merchandise lines.

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