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And the world’s most popular department store is…

Al Urbanski
Macy's Herald Square--not only the largest, but also the most searched store in the world. (Photo via Getty)

The big red sign on the Macy’s flagship in New York’s Herald Square bills itself as the biggest store in the world. Now a British wall surveying firm has identified it as the world’s most widely searched department store.

Stokemont put together a list of 47 of the world’s most famous stores and took a tally of Instagram hashtags, Tik Tok views, and global searches made for them. Once all three categories’ data were collected, a popularity score was assigned to each store.

Macy’s Herald Square finished first, topping No. 2 Nordstrom in Seattle with twice as many global searches (14.2 million to 6.7 million) and 8 million more Tik Tok views. Nordstrom, however, dominated Instagram with 1.6 million hashtags compared to 1.5 million for Harrods in London and Macy’s 1.2 million.

London positioned two stores in the top five (the other being No. 3 Selfridges), while New York’s Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue locations gave Gotham three places in the top 10.

Paris’s Galleries Lafayette had a strong showing, finishing sixth in the Tik Tok ranking and eighth in both the Instagram and general search counts. El Corte Inglés  (Spain and Portugal) took second in general search, just above Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. The cross-category Top 10:

  1. Macy’s - New York
  2. Nordstrom – Seattle
  3. Selfridges – London
  4. Harrods – London
  5. Bloomingdale’s – New York
  6. Saks Fifth Avenue – New York
  7. Galeries Lafayette (Haussman) – Paris
  8. David Jones – Melbourne
  9. El Corte Ingles – Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon
  10. Beyman - Istanbul


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