Amazon, Walmart, Levi Strauss in top tier of 50 ‘most patriotic’ brands

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Dick’s Sporting Goods made its first showing on the annual list.

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, an annual study ranks the brands that consumers feel best embody the value of “patriotism” in 2022.

Jeep took the top spot for the 20th straight year, followed by Disney and Amazon in Brand Keys’ annual “50 Most Patriotic Brands” survey.Walmart and Coca-Cola rounded out the top five. (All top 50 brands are listed at end of article.)

Other retail brands that cracked the list included Levi Strauss (#7), Ralph Lauren (#12), CVH Health (#22), L.L Bean, Nike (tied at #24), Dollar General, Old Navy (#26), Costco (#33), Starbucks #38), New Balance (#39), Dick’s Sporting Goods (#40).

The brands new to the 2022 list are there due to the emotional engagement they’ve been able to create when it comes to specific issues like the pandemic (Pfizer and CVS), the economy (Dollar General and Costco) and the impact of gun violence and gun control advocacy (Dick’s Sporting Goods),” said Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, the New York-based brand loyalty consultancy.

Brands that engage via emotional values, especially one as strong as ‘patriotism’ always see increased consumer engagement, which always results in better behavior toward the brand and better behavior, yields better profits, said Passikoff.

“In most cases six times better,” he added. “The brandscape gets more complicated by the day, particularly when viewed through the lens of patriotism,” noted Passikoff. “Brands that can make meaningful, emotional connections always have a strategic advantage and always win consumers’ hearts, minds, and loyalty.”

2022 50 Most Patriotic Brands
To determine the 2022 rankings Brand Keys had 5,804 consumers, 16 to 65 years of age, balanced for gender and political affiliation, assess 1,172 brands in 131 B2C and B2B categories, using Brand Keys emotional engagement measures.

The assessments evaluate brand resonance for the single value, “patriotism,” with the following brands identified as best meeting today’s patriotism challenges. Numbers in parentheses indicate brand status Y-O-Y.

1. Jeep (–)

2. Disney (+1)

3. Amazon, Walmart (+1, -1)

4. Coca-Cola (+5)

5. American Express, Ford (+1, -1)

6. Apple, Coors (+6, +1)

7. Levi Strauss (–)

8. Hershey’s (-1)

9. Pfizer (new)

10. Domino’s, Netflix, (+1, +2)

11. The New York Times (-5)

12. Ralph Lauren (+1)

13. Jack Daniels (–)

14. Pepsi (+4)

15. Dunkin’ (–)

16. Colgate (+3)

17. Sam Adams, Wrangler, (-1, -1)

18. USAA (-4)

19. FOX News (-11)

20. Harley-Davidson (-6)

21. Washington Post (-11)

22. CVS, Kellogg’s (new, +1)

23. Gatorade, Home Depot (-1, -6)

24. L.L. Bean, Nike (+4, -4)

25. AT&T, MSNBC (-4, -13)

26. Dollar General, Old Navy (new, -6)

27. McDonald’s (+2)

28. Chick-fil-A (-3)

29. John Deere (-1)

30. NBA (-5)

31. MLB (-6)

32. Google (-13)

33. Costco (new)

34. Gillette (new)

35. NFL (-6)

36. KFC (-11)

37. Clorox (-22)

38. Starbucks (-10)

39. New Balance (-13)

40. Dick’s Sporting Goods (new)

The Challenge of Brand Patriotism
“Since 9/11, and in the aftermath of grassroots movements like Black Lives Matter, the COVID pandemic, the January 6th Capital attacks, and increasing levels of gun violence, there’s no shortage of challenges facing brands,” said Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, the New York-based brand loyalty consultancy. “Brands now battle in a marketplace impeded by the pandemic, political tribalism, and intensified social activism, all of which coalesced to change lives and notions of patriotism.”

2022 Versus 2002
“Since the Brand Keys study was first conducted 20 years ago, changes in technology and the timbre of the times have resulted in shifts for 60% of the top 10 brands that consumers view as most patriotic. Some brands have vanished and new brands have emerged. But some endured. True to what consumers expect when it comes to the value patriotism.”

2022                2002

1. Jeep            1. Jeep

2. Disney         2. Hershey’s

3. Amazon       3. Coca-Cola

4. Walmart       4. Kodak

5. Coca-Cola    5. Levi Strauss

6. American Express 6. Colgate

7. Ford              7. Zippo

8. Apple            8. Marlboro

9. Coors            9. Walmart

10. Levi Strauss 10. Gillette