Amazon provides analytics, supply chain tools for third-party sellers

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Amazon is providing new technology to independent sellers.

Amazon is offering additional content optimization and shipping automation capabilities to independent sellers operating on its Amazon Marketplace platform.

The e-tail giant actively assists third-party retailers (primarily small-to-medium-sized businesses) to sell on its Amazon Marketplace e-commerce platform with at least 150 tools and services.

The company regularly adds new offerings, including upgrades to its customer engagement technology and “Buy with Prime” program that enables sellers to offer Prime shopping benefits to shoppers off Amazon which were announced on Wednesday, Sept. 14. On Thursday, Sept. 14, Amazon released the following new technologies:

Manage Your Experiments upgrades
With Manage Your Experiments, sellers are able to run A/B tests on their digital titles, main images, and content to see what performs best. Now, sellers can also A/B test bullet points and descriptions, and review machine learning-based recommendations for product images and titles in an effort to drive better conversion. Additionally, sellers can now opt-in to auto-publish winning experiments to the product detail page, automating their A/B tests.

Search analytics dashboard expansion
Amazon is offering a new insights dashboard that provides sellers with anonymized data to better understand customers’ interests and shopping habits.

New Product Opportunity Explorer feature
Amazon has now introduced an enhanced Product Opportunity Explorer tool with a new feature, Customer Reviews Insight. This feature helps sellers work backward from the customer, using customer feedback from product review insights and product star ratings, to help sellers determine what features they should build and prioritize as they launch new products or modify existing ones.

Marketplace Product Guidance launch
Initially announced in 2021, the Marketplace Product Guidance solution has been enhanced to provide selection recommendations—products in high demand—for U.S. sellers looking to expand to FranceItaly, and Spain. These recommendations are personalized and ranked based on their opportunity score as calculated by machine learning models that are designed to predict the best opportunities for new selections.

U.S. introduction of Veeqo shipping solution
Amazon is also commencing the U.S. rollout of Veeqo, multichannel shipping software acquired by Amazon earlier in 2022. Sellers using Veeqo can connect their sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, and gain access to discounted rates on UPS, U.S. Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx. Veeqo’s rate-shopping feature imports sellers’ orders and automatically finds the lowest shipping rate available based on size and weight.

Veeqo is now free for all sellers. Those sellers who ship via Veeqo pay only for their chosen carrier labels, with no monthly fees. The solution will soon offer new business features for free, including automatically syncing inventory across Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify; a full inventory management solution that tracks and counts stock across locations, manage bundles, and email purchase orders to suppliers; digital picking and packing with the Veeqo scanner and mobile app; and reporting and forecasting.

Veeqo is now available to Amazon sellers in the U.S., with early access to new features available in advance of the full launch of the new features later in 2021. Existing U.K.-based sellers will have free access starting Sept. 15 to Veeqo’s legacy product, with a full launch of the new features in the U.K. to follow.

“We’re focused on supporting sellers as they work to build and grow their business,” said Benjamin Hartman, vice president of Amazon North America Selling Partner Services. “The tools we’re announcing today are a direct result of seller feedback and target every step of their Amazon sales funnel, from new customer acquisition to increased lifetime value. We’re committed to continuing to develop tools and features that deliver actionable insights for sellers.”