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Amazon expands basket size for Buy with Prime purchases

Buy with Prime
Amazon Buy with Prime mobile app screen.

Amazon is rolling out a new shopping cart feature for its “Buy with Prime” service.

In April 2022, Amazon introduced “Buy with Prime,” which enables U.S.-based Prime members to directly shop online stores on its third-party marketplace. Initially, the feature was only available for third-party retailers using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) hosted logistics service. 

Since then, the e-tailer has made Buy with Prime widely available to U.S.-based Amazon retailers and integrated it with the BigCommerce and Shopify e-commerce platforms.

In its latest upgrade to the solution, Amazon is adding cart functionality to Buy with Prime. Previously, Prime members could immediately purchase a single product with each order, similar to the “Buy Now” button on Amazon. Leveraging the new Buy with Prime cart functionality, shoppers can purchase multiple Buy with Prime products in each transaction.

According to Amazon, sellers that piloted the Buy with Prime cart feature experienced a 15% increase in Buy with Prime units per order after adding cart to Buy with Prime checkout. In addition, Amazon can now fulfill multiple Buy with Prime products in each shipment., helping to optimize fulfillment costs.

Free customer service support available

Amazon also recently introduced another new Buy with Prime feature, called Buy with Prime Assist, which gives sellers the option to offer 24/7 post-order customer service support through Amazon at no additional cost.

By using a real-time chat feature, shoppers who use Buy with Prime can now ask questions related to shipping and delivery information or returning a product.

Other recently released offerings for Buy with Prime retailers include Reviews from Amazon, a new capability designed to help sellers increase Buy with Prime shopper conversion and better inform purchase decisions on their Amazon stores. It enables Buy with Prime retailers to display ratings and reviews from Amazon customers on their own online stores for no additional cost.

When an Amazon shopper leaves a rating and review for a brand’s product on, the same rating and review will now appear on the product pages of a third-party retailer’s own online Amazon store, wherever Buy with Prime is enabled.

“This is all just the beginning.,” Peter Larsen, VP,  Buy with Prime, said in a corporate blog post. “We’re going to keep providing merchants with new products, features, and integrations to help them engage new customers, convert more shoppers, and build brand loyalty.”

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