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Amazon aids seller listings with new generative AI partnership

Nvidia Amazon
Amazon is partnering with Nvidia to help sellers improve listings.

Amazon is expanding the generative AI-based capabilities it offers third-party sellers on its site.

The e-tail giant is partnering with Nvidia to offer a new generative AI tool that identifies product listings where the content could be improved and automatically generates revised content. Sellers then review the AI-generated content and can provide feedback if they want to or accept the content changes to the Amazon catalog.

The new capability reviews and upgrades seller listing content including titles, bullet points, descriptions and product attributes. To support the tool, Amazon leverages optimized containers on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) platform with Nvidia Tensor Core graphics processing units (GPUs).

In addition, Amazon is running Nvidia TensorRT-LLM (Large Language Model) open source software on the Nvidia Tensor GPUs. LLM is a type of ML model specifically trained on large amounts of data that can recognize, summarize, translate, predict and generate text and other content, to build more comprehensive product descriptions.

By using TensorRT-LLM and Nvidia GPUs, Amazon says it improved its generative AI tool’s inference efficiency (its ability to run live data through a trained model to make a prediction) in terms of cost or GPUs needed by 2x, and reduced inference latency (the time needed to make a prediction) by 3x compared with an earlier implementation without TensorRT-LLM. In addition, the efficiency gains make the automatic seller listing review more environmentally friendly, and the 3x latency improvement makes Amazon Catalog’s generative capabilities more responsive.

For example, the tool can enrich a listing for a wireless mouse with an ergonomic design, long battery life, adjustable cursor settings and compatibility with various devices. It can also generate product attributes such as color, size, weight and material.

“Sellers need to create attractive and informative product listings that must be engaging, capture attention and generate trust,” Fred Oh, TensorRT software developer marketing lead, said. “With generative AI, Amazon’s sellers can quickly and easily create more engaging listings, while being more energy efficient, making it possible to reach more customers and grow their business faster.”

In September 2023, Amazon equipped third-party sellers with advanced AI tools designed to streamline the creation and editing of product listings. The features were designed to make it faster and easier for sellers to list new products as well as enrich existing listings. 

Leveraging generative AI and LLMs, sellers can enter pieces of information like product titles, bullet points, and descriptions in one step.

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