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Amazon in AI partnership to help brands measure ad performance

Amazon building
Amazon is partnering with Stackline.

Amazon is collaborating with an artificial intelligence-enabled market insight platform to measure the sales impact of ads across multiple retailers.

The e-tail giant and Stackline have rolled out a multi-retailer attribution platform. Known as Stackline Multi-Retailer Attribution, the solution combines proprietary audience technology and Amazon Marketing Cloud functionality to quantify all consumer purchases driven by their Amazon advertising investments across all major retailers.  

Historically, retailer attribution models have focused on a single retailer's performance, meaning Amazon advertisers could not measure transactions that began with engagement on the Amazon site but ended with a purchase at a different retailer.

However, the Amazon-Stackline approach measures consumer purchases across retailers and channels at the individual product level and then connects that behavior back to shoppers who engaged with an Amazon campaign.

"Today's announcement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital advertising analytics," said Michael Lagoni, CEO of Stackline. "By partnering with Amazon, we offer our clients a unified view of their customers' journeys, transcending traditional single-retailer limitations. This new capability enables brands to allocate their advertising budgets more effectively and maximize their marketing ROI."

"Stackline's technology and Amazon's data capabilities together empower brands to see not only the direct effects of their advertising on Amazon but also the broader influence on offline and online sales across the entire retail ecosystem," said Mitch Keidan, co-founder and head of product at Stackline.

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Amazon bolsters ad capabilities

Amazon’s partnership with Stackline follows the release of several features in fall 2023 designed to improve the performance of ads on its platform, including AI-based image generation.

Initially released in beta, Amazon’s generative AI image generation solution is designed to enable brands to produce lifestyle imagery that can help improve their ad performance. 

For example, an advertiser's standalone image of a toaster could be placed in a lifestyle context such as on a kitchen counter as opposed to just showing it against a white background.

Other enhanced ad capabilities Amazon released at that time include strategic campaign planning by channel and performance over the past 12 months; an events manager tool that lets advertisers create predictive audiences, measure performance and automate optimizations using their first-party conversions and other types of event signals; a clean room solution called Amazon Publisher Cloud; and a self-service ad solution for brands that sell on Amazon in the U.S. to reach audiences on streaming TV services.

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