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Amazon adds medical conditions for virtual treatment

Amazon Clinic flu
Amazon Clinic will respond to cold, cough and flu symptoms.

The Amazon Clinic virtual healthcare solution is treating a few new common ailments.

Launched in November 2022 as a virtual resource for healthcare consultations and prescriptions, Amazon Clinic is now letting customers select “Cough, cold, and flu” from the “Find a treatment” list via its page on or the Amazon mobile app. 

From there, users can review a list of available telehealth providers and compare pricing and response times to find the right fit for their schedule and budget. According to Amazon, it added the cough, cold, and flu conditions based on feedback from Amazon Clinic customers at a time when cases of COVID-19—a virus with overlapping symptoms—are spiking across the U.S.

After completing an intake form with current symptoms and basic health history, customers connect with a licensed clinician through a secure messaging portal or scheduled video visit, without an appointment or insurance. 

The clinician will then provide a personalized treatment plan, which may include a prescription that can be filled by Amazon Pharmacy, a full-service online pharmacy that offers 24/7 access to pharmacists and free delivery on prescription medications from Amazon or any other pharmacy of choice. 

“With conditions like the flu, getting treatment quickly after the onset of symptoms really matters,” said Dr. Nworah Ayogu, chief medical officer and general manager of Amazon Clinic, in a corporate blog post. "By quickly connecting with a provider who understands their condition, customers can explore options for relief and get the care that’s right for them in a matter of minutes or hours, not days or weeks.”

Amazon Clinic also features resource pages on each condition with detailed information on symptoms, testing, and treatment options. 

Amazon Clinic – How it works

The 24/7 virtual health care marketplace connects customers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., to third-party, licensed clinicians who can quickly provide affordable and trusted care for more than 35 common health concerns—from asthma and eczema to acid reflux and pinkeye.

Amazon Clinic users can message their clinician at any time, from anywhere. After a message-based consultation, the clinician will send a personalized treatment plan via the portal, including any necessary prescriptions to the customer’s preferred pharmacy.

For customers, the cost of consultations will vary by provider and includes ongoing follow-up messages with their clinician for up to two weeks after the initial consultation. Amazon Clinic does not yet accept insurance.

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