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Allbirds enhances inventory accuracy with RFID

Allbirds is deploying RFID.

Allbirds is improving item-level inventory tracking between warehouses and stores leveraging RFID technology.

San Francisco-based Allbirds, which was founded online and has since opened approximately 60 stores across the globe, is utilizing the RFID-based inventory intelligence solution from Sensormatic Solutions, a Johnson Controls company. 

Since implementing the Sensormatic Solutions Supply Chain Visibility RFID cloud-based inventory management system in 2022, Allbirds has achieved up to 99% inventory accuracy in the U.S. retail stores where it has been launched. The retailer is also reducing overall in-store inventory through just-in-time supply chain management.

Allbirds is tracking enterprise-wide product movement from warehouse to store to streamline merchandising programs, coordinate short-range deliveries, and support associates on the floor. The retailer also intends to enable future omnichannel execution utilizing Sensoramatic Solutions RFID technology, which uses support from solutions such as Google Cloud BigQuery to provide item-level inventory visibility and operational insights.

“At Allbirds, our priority is our customers, ensuring they have the best possible shopping experience by meeting them where they are and how or when they want to shop. As such, we’ve continued to focus on bolstering our business with the latest technologies,” said Micah Nelson, director of product management, at Allbirds. “Our collaboration with Sensormatic Solutions and its customer and user-centric applications was a natural choice for this pursuit. Operational accuracy allows us to make decisions, so we focus on what matters most: our shoppers.”

“Allbirds is a leader in innovation and laser-focused on implementing new technologies for retail precision,” said Frank Cho, VP and product GM of inventory intelligence at Sensormatic Solutions. “Rolling out a major initiative, like this one, is a testament to their commitment to their shoppers and eye towards the future. We are proud to support Allbirds by helping provide inventory accuracy which makes for smoother operations that ultimately benefit the employees and end-consumers.”

Allbirds obtains real-time supply chain visibility

Allbirds has been taking a number of steps to improve supply chain operations. These include rolling out the Anaplan supply chain platform (with implementation services from Columbus Consulting) to streamline workflows including demand planning and forecasting, inventory planning and merchandise and materials management. 

By leveraging Anaplan for supply chain planning, the retailer, which in 2022 reduced logistics costs in the U.S. by transitioning to automated distribution centers and a dedicated returns processor, also hopes to better optimize its inventory and spend management processes, such as managing allocations and replenishment across its distribution centers and stores. Ultimately, the company hopes to save time in its planning cycles, reduce excess or unnecessary costs and increase forecast accuracy.

Allbirds began as a direct-to-consumer retailer in 2014 before opening its first brick-and-mortar store in 2018.

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