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Aldi centralizes global shipping control with AI

Aldi is applying AI to shipping.

Aldi is integrating its global network of logistics partners and suppliers.

The fast-growing grocer’s Aldi International Buying Asia unit is deploying the artificial intelligence (AI)-based One Network Enterprises (ONE) Intelligent Control Tower. Aldi intends to centralize global shipping volume, enabling the development of a strategic ocean freight procurement strategy.

As a result, Aldi seeks to increase global shipping cost transparency and improving its control over the movement of goods throughout the supply chain. The retailer selected the ONE Intelligent Control Tower solution based on its range of functionality, combined planning and execution architecture, and embedded AI assistant.

In addition, Aldi is rolling out the ONE NEO SaaS-based enterprise supply chain platform, with the goal of integrating its global network of logistics partners and suppliers around a single data model. This will in turn enable real-time collaboration across the company’s trading partners, workflows and applications.

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"We have selected the ONE Control Tower based on the depth of its capabilities and its ability to manage our freight end-to-end. We are confident that the solution can handle the complexities of our supply chain, starting with overall visibility and collaboration," said Fritz Walleczek, managing director of Aldi International Buying Asia. "This will greatly improve effectiveness in collaborating with our suppliers and being more responsive to our customers."

"Aldi is a leading global business, and rare in combining great products at the lowest possible prices. I am very excited that ONE can add value to its operations with our Intelligent Control Tower and digital supply chain network. Collaboration through enhanced visibility and execution is how organizations like Aldi will increase competitiveness, particularly during challenging times," said Greg Brady, executive chairman and founder of One Network Enterprises. "We look forward to working with Aldi on its journey to even better customer service levels through a more effective, agile, and responsive supply network."

Aldi operates more than 7,200 store locations around the world, including more than 2,200 stores in 38 U.S. states. Based in Hong Kong, Aldi International Buying Asia serves as the company’s global hub to source products from Asia and manage all global ocean freight logistics operations.

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