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Zenni centralizes product information management

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Zenni is implementing new PIM technology.

Zenni Optical is helping ensure consistent and accurate product data across its enterprise.

The direct-to-consumer retailer online eyewear retailer is deploying Akeneo product information management (PIM) solutions. By implementing Akeneo as a centralized product pool, Zenni is enabling itself to build a dedicated product catalog for both its business-to-consumer and recently launched Zenni Business business-to-business channels.

Since introducing the Akeneo PIM system in January 2024, Zenni has categorized roughly 3,000 product SKUs within the platform, with more coming. According to the retailer, this initiative has helped reduce data inconsistency issues across teams and suites by roughly 60% and has also reduced the time to manage the product data by roughly over 70%.

Zenni is enhancing its ability to manage its product catalog as it is leveraging Aloglia artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify and respond to emerging eyewear trends as they develop, requiring quick development of SKUs and product imagery.

Furthering the company’s need for strong PIM capabilities is its visual search feature, which enables customers to upload a picture to the search engine on its e-commerce site and then find the closest matching product in its inventory.

"As Zenni is expanding its product offerings, it became clear that we needed a system to accommodate the growing complexity and volume of products we are managing," said David Ting, global CTO and GM at Zenni Optical. "We're confident that this partnership will improve our product lifecycle management, and we're excited to be leveraging Akeneo's product experience platform in our day-to-day operations."

"At Akeneo, we know it is the power of partnership that brings our solutions to life," said Kristin Naragon, chief strategy officer at Akeneo. "Zenni's impressive, early results from the implementation of our PIM highlight their commitment to providing reliable and accurate information along every step of the customer journey. We're excited to see how this partnership evolves, driving success for Zenni and setting a new high standard for the shopping experience in the online eyewear market."

Founded in 2003 and based in the San Francisco Bay area, Zenni offers adults and a curated collection of prescription, non-prescription and protective eyewear.

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