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Yahoo Shopping gives back – in cash

The recently launched Yahoo Shopping e-commerce platform is wooing customers with cash back rewards.

Yahoo Shopping is enabling customers to earn cash back rewards powered by Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten on purchases from more than 50 online retailers, with exclusive cash back rates on select retailers throughout the year. In addition, Yahoo email users now see promotions in their inboxes that deliver them into a Rakuten-powered shopping experience. They can earn the day's top cash back rate on transactions with featured retailers. 

The cash back program is also embedded in the Yahoo email app which launched in fall 2019, and includes a dedicated "deals" view that filters all coupons users receive and notifies them of the most valuable offers before they expire. The deals view now features a bar that shows users their cash back balance and which retailers are available for the program.

Other Yahoo Shopping features include price comparisons and alerts, a promotions calendar, and trending deals. The hub is a horizontal engine that powers commerce across Yahoo parent company Verizon Media's brands and also showcases curated editorial and content from online publishing platforms including Yahoo, HuffPost, and TechCrunch.

"At Verizon Media we're closing the loop between content and commerce, and providing engaging journeys for our users to help them discover the things they love," said Guru Gowrappan, CEO of Verizon Media. "Since launching our commerce experiences on Yahoo, Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo Mail, we've made it a priority to create a dedicated rewards program. By combining the power of our intuitive email and shopping capabilities with Rakuten's world-class rewards platform, we'll be able to continue delivering deeper value for our consumers and brand partners."

"Joining forces with Yahoo expands our reach to deliver cash back rewards to new audiences," said Amit Patel, CEO of Rakuten Americas and Rakuten Rewards. "Verizon Media houses a myriad of innovative and industry-leading brands which people have come to trust. Together, we're opening more doors for consumers who seek engaging and rewarding e-commerce experiences."

The partnership builds on Verizon Media's strategy to create a seamless, unified commerce experience across its brands. In fall 2019, the company announced a suite of new capabilities like shoppable video content and editorial across its brands, interactive and hotspot images, and the new Yahoo Shopping hub. Other Yahoo Shopping promotional partners include eBay.

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