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Windsor offers AI-powered automated styling, product recommendations

Windsor is teaming up with Stylitics to provide outfitting suggestions.

Windsor is teaming up with an artificial intelligence-powered merchandising platform to offer personalized recommendations to shoppers.

The young women’s fashion and accessories retailer, best known for its affordable prom dresses, has partnered with Stylitics to help shoppers find the perfect dress, matching shoes, and accessories while also giving them outfitting suggestions to maximize their selection.

“Windsor is thrilled to partner with Stylitics to elevate our customers’ experience and provide her with even more fantastic ideas for outfitting and styling our head-to-toe offerings,” said Tina Konow, VP  of e-commerce, Windsor. “Stylitics’ platform has successfully automated Windsor’s fashion guide to deliver on-brand digital merchandising recommendations that our shoppers find inspirational and personalized.”

Stylitics recommends outfits and product bundles in over 50 billion shopper sessions a year, resulting in a 21% increase in average order value for its partner brands and a 23% increase in units per transaction, according to the company. It operates in more than 30 countries, and utilizes algorithms, trend data and automated expertise to create a more engaging shopping experience for consumers.

“We are thrilled to welcome Windsor to our growing list of leading brands that improve the customer journey with Stylitics’ compelling styling, outfitting, and bundling content,” said Stylitics founder and CEO Rohan Deuskar. “With prom, graduation, and wedding season just around the corner, Stylitics will offer Windsor’s shoppers personalized recommendations to help them find the perfect dress, matching shoes, and accessories while also giving them outfitting suggestions to maximize their selection.”

Based in Southern California, Windsor was founded in 1937 by the Zekaria family and is now run by the second generation of Zekaria brothers, Leon and Ike. The brothers, who took the helm in 1998, have expanded the chain nationwide and developed an integrated e-commerce business. They also expanded Windsor’s product assortment to include a broad selection of apparel and accessories for both special and everyday wear, with the selection tailored by market.

Windsor operates more than 330 stores and an integrated e-commerce business.

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