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Why Optimizing Autocomplete is Essential for Your Business

Save 40% on Autocomplete costs without compromising user experience

Everyone knows that Google Maps Platform can help with location services. But were you aware that the Google Places API is also home to Autocomplete? 

Autocomplete is a feature within Google designed to make it faster to complete searches. When you begin to type, Google predicts what you mean to search. 

Google looks at other real searches and shows common and trending ones relevant to the characters that are entered — if a lot of users have recently searched for the same specific term, such as “Yeti tumbler,” then that term, as a popular search, is more likely to be suggested.

Google also factors in a user's location and previous searches, so it can suggest retailers nearby and products or services that are likely to align with the users needs.. 

Autocomplete is an essential tool for your business for several reasons. It provides a better user experience for your customers, cutting down the time they spend filling out personal information. This leads to fewer transaction abandonments. 

It also helps you obtain address information from users in a consistent, well-structured format with no misspellings. Clean data means easier, more efficient deliveries that arrive at the correct addresses, on time. 

When Autocomplete is fully leveraged, users can explore and discover more of your content and waste less time on unsuccessful searches. You’ll see smoother transactions, from start to fulfillment, and fewer errors.

Google is the "gold standard" for autofill use cases. Google has invested billions of dollars into Autocomplete and makes millions of updates to its addressing databases every single day to ensure that consumers (and enterprise customers) get the most accurate and up-to-date location information.

The downside is that Autocomplete has become a very complex integration for most of Google's enterprise customers, often leading to extraneous charges or suboptimal API implementations. 

It may sound complicated, but the experts at Hexagon’s Geospatial division are Google Premier partners with more than 10 years of experience. We know Autocomplete, and can break it down for you and help you save money without compromising user interface.

When Hexagon’s experts help you optimize your Google Maps Autocomplete usage, and in most cases reduce your organization's service costs by up to 40%. We’ll make implementation easy, and you’ll see improved results — better text predictions with fewer keystrokes. 

Grow your business today with Google Maps content and Hexagon’s location intelligence expertise, optimization services, and support. We can help you implement this new technology with a customized solution.

Ready to talk about your options, or have questions about Autocomplete? Learn more here.