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Why Mobile Wallet is the Ultimate Weapon for BOPIS

Mobile payment
Mobile wallets offer unique benefits for omnichannel shopping.

Over the past year and a half, buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup have been used as a safe bridge between in-store and online shopping.

Now, these checkout processes have proven a convenient shopping and purchasing method that are here to stay. As of last year, about 75% of the top 50 store-based retailers in the U.S. offered curbside pickup of online orders. And there’s no doubt that number has only grown, as 83% of consumers expect this flexible fulfillment option.

As BOPIS continues to experience rapid adoption, brands need tools that remove friction and keep customers engaged throughout the process. Luckily, mobile wallet use has also increased, and offers unique advantages for BOPIS, including convenience, real-time updates and secure pickup processes. For instance, the use of digital wallets expanded during the pandemic with a global increase of 88.7% for in-store purchases since March 2020

Create seamless, convenient integration with consumer habits

Mobile wallets offer an additional level of convenience for both brands and their customers because they are native to every iOS and Android device, and use other device features such as lock screen notifications and geolocation. Wallet passes can be easily downloaded onto any mobile device, and can be distributed using existing, low-cost channels like email, SMS, or a retailer’s branded app.

As soon as the customer places the order, all that’s required is one tap to save the pass with the transaction and pickup information to the wallet. From there, customers can easily access the pass for order details or a scannable barcode to not only confirm the order for pickup, but also automatically update the retailer systems.

Once a pass has been downloaded, brands can use mobile wallet to send lock screen notifications that further streamline the customer experience. They can provide real-time order updates and pickup instructions. This makes mobile wallet superior to app or email-based delivery, where a customer would have to have app notifications turned on or manually search for an email that is buried in their inbox. 

Send real-time updates on orders

The single largest issue with BOPIS is that 24% of orders are not ready for pickup after the notification is sent, leading the customer to have to wait for store staff to fulfill it. Because a mobile wallet pass is dynamic, all relevant information for a particular order can be pushed in real-time as it is processed, eliminating the negative experience. This allows retailers to send lockscreen alerts and notifications that are timely, personalized, and relevant throughout the order fulfillment cycle. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than being sent an estimation for when an order will be ready for pickup immediately after purchase and then being left in the dark as your order is filled. Mobile wallet can provide regular updates to assure the customer that the order hasn’t been forgotten. When paired with geolocation, as soon as a customer enters a specified radius from the physical store, the retailer can alert the customer of their order and any relevant next steps.

Secure processes to reduce fulfillment errors

In a completely contactless interaction, retailers and consumers alike express concerns around fraud or fulfillment errors. What’s more, 29% of adults who use BOPIS services in a three-month timeframe have abandoned at least one purchase, and 97% of shoppers have backed out of a purchase because it was inconvenient to them. This ultimately leads to a lost sale to the retailer. By integrating with technology like Apple VAS or Google Smart Tap, an additional layer of authentication is included on mobile wallet that ensures the person who paid for the order is authorized to pick it up in the store.

This secure authentication allows retailers to fulfill the correct order to the correct customer - while still remaining touch-free. Mobile wallet’s real-time messaging automation can reduce errors and inspire consumers to pick up their purchases.

Pair wallet, BOPIS, and curbside for a holistic mobile engagement strategy

Consumers who opt for BOPIS or curbside pickup options are on the go and seek shopping ease and convenience. Interacting through their mobile device is key to reaching these shoppers. It also creates a convenient channel to send real-time updates while also eliminating friction during the pickup process.

Gone are the days where a customer struggles to find a confirmation number or reference email. Mobile engagement through wallet can further drive conversion, accumulating customer insights to increase lifetime value. For retailers, pairing BOPIS and mobile wallet fosters loyalty. 

Mobile wallet also fills a key engagement gap for brands, reaching customers who may not be loyal enough to download an app, but still want to hear from the brand during the BOPIS process. Since BOPIS and curbside are here to stay, further integrating with mobile wallet will separate retailers from their competitors, and drive a holistic mobile engagement strategy. 

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