Which retailer led in Black Friday sales?

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
Black Friday was the most-participated day of Cyber Weekend.

New analysis reveals the retailers with the highest Black Friday sales, including the top dog.

Amazon was the top retailer on Black Friday (Nov. 24) based on sales, followed by Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Costco, according to Numerator Insights' early read data. Black Friday was also the most popular shopping day of Cyber Weekend, with 89% participation by Cyber Weekend shoppers, followed by Cyber Monday, Nov. 30 (47%) and Saturday, Nov. 25 (45%).

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In other Numerator findings, 42% of Cyber Weekend shoppers said they shopped primarily or exclusively in-store, compared to 34% who said they shopped primarily or exclusively online. Shoppers also spread their purchases around, with 27% of shoppers buying at five-plus different stores/websites. Only 8% of shoppers purchased at one store.

The top gift categories purchased were apparel (67%), toys/games (48%), home goods (44%), electronics (43%) and beauty products (35%). 

In addition, the top five brands based on Black Friday sales were:

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Bath & Body Works
  4. PlayStation
  5. Whirlpool

Other notable findings from Numerator include:

•More than seven in 10 (72%) respondents said that rising prices somewhat or significantly impacted their holiday gift shopping.

•Forty-five percent of respondents said they spent the same as during the previous year, 36% spent less, and 19% spent more. Of those who spent less than Cyber Weekend 2022, the top reasons were less disposable income this year (38%), didn’t see as many good deals (35%) and buying fewer holiday gifts this year (33%). 

•Four in 10 (41%) respondents used the events to shop primarily or exclusively for gifts for others, while 32% used the events to shop primarily for themselves.

•To prepare for Cyber Weekend shopping, respondents searched retailer websites (51%), browsed digital ads (43%), made a list of products to purchase (33%), used search engines to find deals and/or products (31%), and browsed social media (24%). 

•Forty-five percent of respondents planned their Cyber Weekend shopping more than a week in advance, but 26% were spontaneous and decided to shop the day before or day of the event.

Numerator surveyed over 5,000 verified buyers to find out what they bought, where they shopped and what influenced their decisions.


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