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Walmart simulcasts live shopping stream on Facebook

TalkShopLive Simulcast
Walmart is partnering with TalkShopLive and Facebook.

Walmart is partnering with a livestream shopping platform and a social media giant to extend the reach of its live shopping promotions.

The discount retailer is debuting a new livestream commerce feature from TalkShopLive called Shoppable Simulcast, which enables the retailer to seamlessly simulcast its shoppable livestreams to its Facebook business page as a Facebook Live.

Walmart and TalkShopLive first partnered in 2021 for shoppable livestream events, and have jointly hosted over 150 live shopping experiences since., Now, Walmart will be the first organization to activate the TalkShopLive Shoppable Simulcast product with a live show on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, featuring social influencer The Pioneer Woman, Rea Drummond.

Drummond, who has held several shopping events with TalkShopLive and has also collaborated with Walmart, will launch her new furniture line. The livestream will appear on TalkShopLive, Walmart’s Facebook page and livestream page, and The Pioneer Woman’s Facebook page. 

Shoppable Simulcast allows sellers to simulcast their stream to multiple destinations at once, with Facebook being the first partner to roll out. Once live (on up to four pages simultaneously), the Facebook followers of retailers, brands, publishers, and influencers receive an alert when they go live, giving consumers the ability to watch and shop directly within the social network.

When customers type the word “buy” as a comment during the show, they immediately receive the products in Facebook messenger for checkout, without needing to leave the social network.

“Customers are finding inspiration everywhere, especially in their social feeds. That’s why Walmart is engaging with customers on their terms, in places and channels they love,” said Justin Breton, director of brand experiences and partnerships at Walmart. “Through Shoppable Simulcast, we will reach even more customers during those crucial ‘aha!’ moments, and provide them with a seamless, digital shopping experience that shortens the distance between inspiration and purchase.” 

“Meeting customers where they consume content and cutting friction in path-to-purchase is top priority for TalkShopLive as we power livestream shopping and connect the retail landscape for our partners,” said TalkShopLive co-founder and CEO Bryan Moore. “We are thrilled to be working with Meta to make Facebook the first of our shoppable simulcast streaming destinations. We look forward to working with Walmart to scale their livestream shopping programs with us across, the TalkShopLive content distribution network, and social media.”

Walmart adds TalkShopLive to retail media network

Walmart’s partnership with TalkShopLive extended to its Walmart Connect retail media network in 2022, to test how suppliers can seamlessly create and amplify livestream content at scale by combining Walmart’s retail media capabilities with TalkShopLive’s livestream experiences on, as well as TalkShopLive’s platform, brand and publisher sites, and across the web.

A recent livestream shopping event with multiple electronics suppliers on the livestream page – powered by Walmart Connect and TalkShopLive – experienced higher engagement and conversion than average benchmarks for the Walmart Live livestream service, according to the companies.

These included 86% higher total viewership, 30% higher average watch time, two times higher conversions, and over 1 million media views leveraging cut-down livestream content As a result of the success of these initial tests, Walmart Connect is extending TalkShopLive livestream testing opportunities to more advertisers.

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