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Walmart resurrects Gateway PC brand

A onetime leader in the online PC sales market is back – with help from Walmart.

The Gateway PC brand, which has been largely dormant since it was purchased by computer manufacturer Acer in 2007, is back with a new assortment of laptops and tablets exclusively available on Gateway, which along with Dell pioneered direct-to-consumer PC sales in the late 1990s and early 2000s, worked with Intel to develop three lines of laptops and two tablets in various colors, sizes and performance levels.

Tablets start from $69 and laptops begin at $179. The Gateway Ultra Thin series features six laptops in a wide range of screen sizes, colors and features, while the Gateway Creators series offers three laptop models built for digital media creation with high-definition visuals. Two new tablets are designed for power and accessibility.

Gateway laptops and tablets will be shipped in the brand’s distinctive cow print packaging.

"The Gateway PC brand and its renowned cow-spotted boxes have been well-loved in the United States since 1985,” said Jade Zhou, Acer assistant VP of global strategic alliances, in a statement. “Acer is thrilled that Walmart is becoming the exclusive provider of Gateway-branded notebooks and tablets. We are pleased that customers in the United States and Puerto Rico will have the opportunity to enjoy the beloved Gateway brand again through one of the world's top retailers."

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