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Walmart to require all HQ staffers to be vaccinated

Walmart is making vaccines mandated for all its U.S.-based headquarters staffers.  

The nation’s largest private employer will require all market, regional and divisional employees who work in multiple facilities and all campus office associates to be vaccinated by Oct. 4, unless they have an approved exception. The requirement also includes all new hires.

“Because some of the vaccines require multiple doses with a period of time in between, and it takes two weeks after the final dose to be considered fully vaccinated, we recommend you begin the process soon,” wrote Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon in a letter on the company’s website.

More information on the vaccination requirement and the steps to verify vaccinations will come, the CEO said. 

“We realize there is a small percentage of our associates who cannot get vaccinated due to medical issues or religious reasons, and we have policies and a process to address those situations,” he continued. 

The new requirement comes after Walmart reinstated its mask requirement for employees, As of July 29, all Walmart and Sam’s Club workers in U.S. counties deemed at high risk of COVID-19 transmission are to wear a mask — regardless of their vaccination status. 

Employees at Walmart’s U.S. campus have been gradually coming back into their office spaces with the idea of being closer to pre-pandemic levels after Labor Day. The retailer said it will continue to monitor the situation and determine later if that timeline needs to be adjusted.

“Our offices remain open with safety measures in place, and we will continue with our phased approach and only allow limited capacity for now,” McMillion wrote. “We want to get to a place where we can use our offices and be together safely. It’s important for our business, our culture, our speed and our innovation.”

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