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Walmart launches mobile subscriptions; expands other app features

Walmart shopper opening box
Walmart is enabling automatic mobile delivery scheduling.

Walmart is letting customers schedule automatic deliveries — via its app.

The discounter is introducing a new mobile subscription service that allows users of its mobile app to subscribe to thousands of everyday essential products, such as pet food and supplements, diapers and paper towels, at regular prices. Walmart said the service, which has no fee, guarantees automatic scheduled delivery on a customer's preferred cadence, such as every two weeks or every two months. 

Walmart is also expanding two other features on its app: the Virtual Garage and View in Your Home. The details are below.

Virtual Garage

Debuted in August 2023, the Virtual Garage feature on the Walmart site and app allows customers to store details about multiple vehicles. This connects with scheduling service appointments at Walmart Auto Care Centers. As customers use these features, they can slso shop Walmart’s full range of auto items, including products from third-party sellers.

Customers can now schedule an oil change or tire installation right in the app. Virtual Garage also makes key vehicle information readily available, like incremental vehicle identifiers, service, invoice history and warranties. Rolling out mid-October 2023, Walmart+ subscription program members will get free road hazard warranty and flat tire repair when they purchase and install their tires at Walmart.

View in Your Home

The Walmart app features augmented reality (AR)-enabled technology designed to help customers better visualize how items might look in real life. A newly expanded View in Your Home feature allows customers to see how furniture and home décor will look in their home before purchasing, or how seasonal inflatables will look on their lawn. The Walmart app also provides customers access to virtual try-on technology for apparel and fashion items.

Other digital capabilities of the app include an Item Finder map that lets in-store customers navigate the store to locate their desired products. In addition, customers can obtain more information on a product or browse an extended assortment online by scanning any QR code they find next to an in-store product. Customers can also save receipts seamlessly in the app, enabling them to start an in-app return.

“The Walmart app isn’t just a shopping tool – it's a gateway to a world of personalized convenience and savings,” Walmart said in a corporate blog post. “From scheduling appointments to having the perfect gift delivered to your doorstep in less than an hour, the Walmart app has it all. 

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