Walmart launches global employee training hub

Marianne Wilson
One Global Walmart Academy
Walmart is bringing together all its training and development programs into a central hub called One Global Walmart Academy.

Walmart is centralizing its in-person and online employee training and leadership programs in a new global hub amid a still-tight labor market.

The nation’s largest retailer and largest private employer is launching “One Global Walmart Academy,” which is designed to help its employees around the globe build and grow their careers. The program will offer a combination of digital and in-person offerings, and give Walmart’s 2.3-plus million employees access to the company’s job-specific retail training as well as new well-being and leadership courses.

The global initiative will bring together all of the company’s training and development programs, including the recently announced College2Career pilot, aimed at putting graduates on a career path at Walmart — and becoming a store manager with a $210,000 salary within two years.

“With an increased focus on creating even better customer experiences and higher associate engagement, the global Walmart Academy will bring together all training and development programs, such as the recently-announced College2Career  program, across Walmart to create one of the largest learning ecosystems in the world,” Lorraine Stomski, senior VP, learning & leadership, Walmart, wrote in a blog on the company’s website. “We're excited to leverage resources around the globe, as we know there are two things all associates have in common, no matter where they live: They want to delight our customers and have the opportunity to grow their careers.”

The Walmart Academy will focus on the following three areas.

  • Developing on-the-job skills;
  • Growing future skills for associates — Walmart Academy will train associates to build new skills and prepare them for new career opportunities; and
  • Building leadership skills for managers. “We want to build great leaders across the organization,” said Stomski. “This year, for example, more than 1,200 new store, club and supply chain managers will participate in an in-person, immersive leadership experience. This experience will focus on growing our leaders and teaching them more about Walmart history and culture, while giving them the opportunity to meet and learn from company leaders.”

The new global initiative builds on the original Walmart Academy, which the company launched in 2016 for its U.S. employees. Since then employees have learned both virtually and in person at one of the 200+ physical Academies across the U.S. Last year, Walmart Academy trained more than 400,000 U.S. associates.

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Frontline U.S. employees can also take advantage of Live Better U, which pays 100% of college tuition and books.

“No matter the degree associates want to obtain or skill they want to learn, we are committed to giving associates around the globe the right learning support to turn great jobs into great careers,” wrote Stomski.

Walmart has also been offering educational opportunities to the general public. In June 2021, the company launched Community Academy, a free program that leverages its network of over 200 Walmart Academies in stores across the country to offer educational opportunities to anyone in the community.

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