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Walmart hosting free virtual health event

Walmart Wellness Days

Walmart is offering a three-day online healthcare forum as COVID-19 limits in-store activities.

The discount titan will hold “Walmart Wellness Days,” its first-ever virtual health event, from Friday, Aug. 28 – Sunday, Aug. 30. The free event will showcase simple steps consumers can take to improve their nutritional, heart and mental health. Schedule highlights include:

Friday, August 28 – Nutritional Health: This session features singer Patti LaBelle, as she shares her personal experience with diabetes, with an emphasis on how to manage symptoms through diet and exercise. This session is designed to help customers understand diabetes issues, whether they are at risk or living with type 2 diabetes.

Saturday, August 29 – Heart Health: Customers will hear from cardiologist and Univision chief medical correspondent Dr. Juan Rivera as he shares resources on heart health, such as how customers can move and eat their way to lower blood pressure. 

Sunday, August 30 – Mental Health: The final day of Walmart Wellness Live features Dr. Christine Crawford, assistant professor of psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine, as she discusses how to talk to family members about mental health needs. Dr. Crawford will also share why it’s important for customers to be transparent and ask for help when needed, as well as an overview of how to understand, manage and treat anxiety.

“We are worried about a secondary health crisis, as many people put off routine medical care while they social distance during the pandemic. But there are simple, preventive measures that can help manage many of these health issues,” said Dr. Tom Van Gilder, chief medical officer, Walmart. “Our goal is to empower every American to take small steps to maximize their health from home, whether it’s a simple ingredient swap, new exercise or tools to understand how to focus on health as a family.”

To see an interview with Katie Couric and Dr. Van Gilder, as well as more information and the full Walmart Wellness Live schedule, click here.


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