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Walmart to eliminate single-use bags in New York State

walmart shopping bag
Walmart stores in New York are eliminating single-use paper bags.

Walmart is making another move in its ongoing efforts to reduce waste.

Beginning Sunday, January 18, 2023, Walmart stores throughout the state of New York will no longer provide customers with single-use paper bags at checkout or pickup.

To make the transition easier for customers, Walmart is offering multiple types of reusable bags and containers for purchase throughout the store and at the registers. Walmart employees will be on hand to help customers with their checkout experience. Also, customers are being reminded to bring reusable bags through store signage, social media posts as well as the Walmart app.

Walmart’s delivery service will continue to use paper bags given New York State’s ban on single-use plastic bags. But customers will be given the option to purchase reusable bags for their delivery. Customers are also encouraged to recycle their plastic and reusable bags in the recycling containers located in the vestibules of each Walmart store.

Also, starting in January 2023, Walmart will expand these efforts to also eliminate single-use and plastic bags in Connecticut and Colorado stores.

The new initiatives are the latest moves by Walmart to reduce single-use bags in its stores nationwide:

● As of June 2022, Walmart has eliminated single-use paper and plastic bags in Canada and Mexico as well as Vermont, Maine, and New Jersey in the U.S.

● By eliminating single-use and plastic bags in these six states, Walmart avoids the use of over 1.2 billion plastic and paper bags every year.

● Stores began rolling out new, Walmart-branded reusable bags in October 2022 to ensure customers have a selection of high-quality, easy-to-reuse bags for their shopping trips.

● To encourage and support this transition, Walmart has improved the placement of reusable bags in stores, developed new bag designs, and adjusted checkout lines to accommodate the use of reusable bags.

“Eliminating single-use bags in New York is part of our effort to reduce waste,” said Jane Ewing, senior VP, Walmart Sustainability “Our customers want to be engaged on this journey and we remain committed to making the sustainable choice the everyday choice.”

In 2020, Walmart joined the “Beyond the Bag” initiative as a founding partner to find innovative solutions for more sustainable shopping bags. The program is funded in part by Walmart, Target and CVS Health.

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