Walmart buys technology to help people manage their prescriptions, health info

Walmart CareZone app

Walmart Inc. continues to expand its digital health capabilities. 

The retail giant announced it acquired the technology platform, patents and  intellectual property of CareZone, which developed an app that helps people manage their health information and medications. Individuals can also use the app to scan labels or insurance cards to speed and simplify the process.

“We’re also excited to welcome the members of CareZone’s product and technology team that built their app, and who will help us innovate and integrate faster with Walmart’s existing systems,” stated Lori Flees, senior VP, health & wellness, Sam’s Club, & Sean Slovenski, senior VP, health & wellness, Walmart U.S. “The technology and team members joining Walmart will augment our current health & wellness capabilities and support our focus on digital health care solutions process.”

CareZone, which also operates an online pharmacy that puts customers’ medications into pill packs and delivers them to patients via mail, will remain a separate company unrelated to Walmart.

“Adding our technology platform to Walmart’s existing digital capabilities and physical reach creates a unique opportunity to redefine what the future of digital health and wellness can look like,” said Walter Smith, co-founder and chief technology officer of CareZone. “The CareZone team members joining Walmart are excited to bring our knowledge and apply it to such a broad canvas.”


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