Victoria’s Secret shows off updated store design concept at Easton Town Center

Victoria's Secret, Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio
Victoria's Secret, Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio

Victoria’s Secret is using technology and innovative design details to enhance its in-store connection with shoppers — and reduce its environmental impact.

The intimate apparel retailer has taken the wraps off its renovated and reimagined store at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. The location features Victoria's Secret’s “store of the future” concept, which aims to create a more welcoming space for all shoppers.

The design includes mannequins representing a range of sizes, inclusive product offerings and an easy-to-navigate layout. The store also has a smaller environmental footprint thanks to more efficient lighting and HVAC systems and low-flow toilets.

The renovated Victoria’s Secret also has been updated with new fitting room technology (from Crave Retail) that links each product with the store’s computer system through radio frequency identification tags. The technology enables customers to communicate with store associates directly from their fitting room. 

Additional features include buy-online-pickup-in-store and dynamic video content. Custom video walls provide enhanced storytelling and interactive digital technology supports education and promotion with energy and motion in the space.

“Our elevated Easton store format will serve as a standout model for Victoria’s Secret stores,” said Albert Gilkey, senior VP, store design & construction, Victoria Secret & Co. "When you shop at Victoria’s Secret, we want you to feel at home. From research and design to innovation and technology, the store of the future concept is a new experience to create a deeper connection with our customers and reduce our environmental impact.”

In honor of the store’s grand opening, Easton Town Center turned its iconic fountains pink as an ode to the classic Victoria’s Secret brand color.

“We are proud to work with brands that are committed to evolving their brand as they grow with their consumer base,” said Spencer Jordan, senior VP of leasing for Steiner + Associates. “Easton’s new Victoria’s Secret store format is a great example of that. The glamorous space reflects the brand’s commitment to celebrate women and their individuality.”

Easton Town Center was co-developed by L Brands, The Georgetown Company and Steiner + Associates, and is managed and leased by Steiner + Associates.

Victoria's Secret & Co. has a global footprint of approximately 1,350 retail stores in approximately 70 countries. 

The lifestyle center’s recent expansion features 140,000 square feet of new entertainment, restaurant, hotel and retail offerings in addition to 125,000 square feet of new office space is now open with living options to come.

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