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Urban Value Corner Store opens autonomous stores in luxury buildings

Juxta micro store
Urban Value Corner Store's new autonomous store model.

A Dallas-based convenience retailer is bringing kit-built frictionless “micro markets” to select luxury apartment complexes.

Urban Value Corner Store, which has been offering on-demand delivery via remotely piloted sidewalk robots since 2021, is expanding its presence in autonomous retailing. The convenience chain is now operating kit-built Juxta frictionless convenience stores, known as "micro markets," in upscale apartment buildings in the Dallas area.

Anyone (not just residents) can shop at the store with traditional debit or credit card, or a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. They shop the store like any other retail space, and anAI computer vision system paired with advanced shelf sensors builds their basket in real time. 

When it’s time to check out, the consumer can instantly review their basket at the checkout screen or walk out if they’re in a hurry. They can also have a receipt sent to their phone upon leaving the store.

"Our partnership with Juxta enables us to enhance the urban living experience by bringing unparalleled convenience and state-of-the-art, unstaffed retail solutions quite literally to residents’ doorsteps," Steve McKinley, founder and CEO of Urban Value Corner Store. "But we’re not only elevating convenience by integrating Juxta’s cutting-edge technology, we are also providing multi-unit property developers with a unique amenity that sets their properties apart in a very competitive market."

"We are thrilled to join forces with Urban Value Corner Store,” said Steve Liguori, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Juxta. “This collaboration is more than a sales partnership; it's a shared vision to enhance how communities interact with retail. By integrating our autonomous retail technology with Urban Value’s market presence in luxury apartments across the US, we're not just changing the landscape of urban retail; we're setting a new standard for convenience and accessibility.”

Choice Market, which operates four stores in Denver and one location in Aurora, Colo., operates a portable "Nomad" autonomous micro retail store from Juxta. The Nomad store operates from a home base in Denver, but also travels to events such as the Renewal 2023 music festival which was held in Buena Vista, Colo.

Based in Dallas, Urban Value Corner Store offers a product assortment including beer, wine, sodas, freshly brewed coffee, pastries, snacks, healthy meals, essential household items, OTC medications, pet snacks, toys and local Texas-made products. 

Juxta is a venture by Vontier Corporation, parent company of Gilbarco Veeder Root.

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