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Urban Outfitters streamlines omnichannel payment

URBN and Stripe logos
URBN is partnering with Stripe.

Urban Outfitters Inc. (URBN) is deploying a new primary payments infrastructure for both in-store and online purchases.

The company is implementing Stripe to support omnichannel payments for its Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie Group, Free People and FP Movement banners. As a result, URBN hopes to enable a more consistent checkout experience for its customers, with the goal of increasing authorization rates and reliability, obtaining more precise data analytics, and enabling future payment innovation.  

URBN will utilize Stripe technology in the following ways:

  • In-store payments: The Stripe Terminal device will become URBN’s primary in-store checkout option in North America, using BBPOS WisePOS E readers at more than 600 locations. 
  • Online checkout: URBN is using Stripe Link (which autofills customer payment information) and Stripe Financial Connections (which verifies bank accounts) to allow online customers to seamlessly pay with their bank accounts. Customers who have saved their bank account details at any business using Link can check out without having to reenter their payment information.  
  • Expanded payment options: In the future, URBN plans to use Stripe’s optimized checkout suite to display the most relevant payment methods to customers based on their device type, location, language, and other factors. 
  • Extended authorization windows: Under URBN’s fulfillment process, card payments for purchases are only processed when a customer’s order has been shipped or picked up from a store. The company will use Stripe to extend the authorization window from the time an order is placed to the time it ships, with the goal of ensuring more transactions are successful even in the event of a delay.  

URBN will also use additional Stripe tools to enable money movement and obtain more precise analytics. URBN will use Stripe Connect to facilitate payments between third-party retailers and buyers on their brand marketplaces, which host independent apparel brands. 

In addition, URBN will use the Stripe Sigma and Stripe Data Pipeline solutions to automate the collection of revenue data and financial reporting for all of its brands, including Anthropologie Weddings, Terrain, Menus & Venues and Nuuly. 

"Payments are a critical link between our brands and millions of URBN customers who expect checkouts to be as easy as trying on an outfit or adding items to a cart," said Dave Hayne, chief technology officer at URBN. "Stripe lets us stay focused on building the best unified commerce experience possible by removing the complexity of payments across our brands."  

"Without the right payments setup, retailers are leaving millions on the table at a time when customers are even more selective about their spending," said Eileen O’Mara, chief revenue officer at Stripe. "Shoppers expect an easy checkout experience and businesses want high authorization rates. We’re thrilled our partnership will enable both for URBN."

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