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UPS acquires same-day delivery platform Delivery Solutions

Delivery Solutions.
UPS is acquiring Delivery Solutions.

UPS is strengthening its on-demand delivery and pickup capabilities with a new purchase.

The leading shipping services and technology provider has purchased Texas-based Delivery Solutions. The Delivery Solutions platform provides access to a network of same-day delivery providers, including independent contractors as well as major parcel delivery services, in its end-to-end white-label solution.

Delivery Solutions provides third-party technology and logistical support for fulfillment activities including same-day delivery, curbside and in-store pickup, shipping from stores and distribution centers, and post-purchase customer experience. The retailer retains complete control of its e-commerce brand experience.

For same-day delivery, Delivery Solutions offers eligibility intelligence, delivery windows, and a variety of fulfillment options. The company also provides real-time delivery tracking, estimated time of delivery, and live chat; as well as delivery orchestration and service provider estimates.

Delivery Solutions’ curbside pickup services include enabling customers to select a convenient pickup time, allowing stores real-time visibility for an efficient and seamless transaction. Retailers also have access to solutions that provide customers with pickup reminders, location tracking, and live customer chat.

In addition, Delivery Solutions optimizing the fulfillment process with real-time customer tracking and a reduction in pickup times. And for shipping, Delivery Solutions says it can manage high volumes of shipments, across multiple carriers, sales channels, and warehouses for an end-to-end delivery solution.

The Delivery Solutions platform also provides price estimates between carriers, as well as orchestrating and tracking shipping providers and optimizes warehouse operations.

Big-name retailers use Delivery Solutions
By acquiring Delivery Solutions, UPS is also obtaining some high-profile retail clients. These include Walmart, which in March 2022 partnered with Delivery Solutions as a last-mile delivery service provider. The discount giant made its white-label GoLocal online delivery as a service business available to users of the Delivery Solutions platform.

Leveraging a single API and dashboard, Delivery Solutions provides GoLocal delivery users that opt in a last-mile ecosystem, as well as solutions for same-day delivery, curbside, in-store pickup, shipping, lockers, autonomous, drones, and enhanced post-purchase notifications.

And in November 2021, Sephora partnered with Delivery Solutions to enable on-demand fulfillment of digital customer purchases. Leveraging the Delivery Solutions platform, Sephora can manage e-commerce delivery intelligence while the consumer is browsing, as well as offer post-purchase tracking, visibility and communication. Sephora is continuing to expand the range of same-day delivery services it offers customers with this new collaboration.

According to UPS, Delivery Solutions will continue to operate with its current leadership as an agnostic, multi-carrier platform. It will be run independently and under the same name. Now, combined with UPS’s capabilities, Delivery Solutions is being positioned to create new solutions to speed up growth for UPS customers by improving end-to-end online shopping experiences.

This purchase supports our customer-first strategy while positioning UPS to be a digital leader,” UPS said in a corporate blog post. “We’re focused on helping our customers navigate the digital commerce ecosystem quickly and effectively.”

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