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United Dairy Farmers relaunches loyalty program

UDF save-at-pump

A Cincinnati-based convenience store/ ice cream chain is re-platforming its legacy loyalty offering to better engage customers.

United Dairy Farmers has relaunched its U-Drive loyalty program on the Paytronix rewards platform. Since launching the revamped offering earlier in 2021, UDF has already seen increases in both how often customers return and in how much they spend on each visit.

The retailer seeks to better understand its customers in order to engage them with more relevant offers and reward their brand loyalty. U-Drive provides members with savings on gasoline and select products. Members swipe their U-Drive card and earn discounts, starting with three-cent savings at the fuel pump every day, without having to purchase anything inside.

Paytronix helped UDF to re-implement U-Drive with an open design so the retailer can tailor promotions for specific customers, or quickly test and roll out entire marketing campaigns. The flexible interface allows UDF to customize different offers for people who may not drive, or who use gasoline but would rather earn free ice cream than a gas discount. 

Once active in the loyalty program, U-Drive members gain additional perks, such as locking in the lowest gas price of the day and "Wednesday freebies" in the store - giveaways funded by UDF’s partners and national consumer product brands. Regular perks, coupons and new offers help transition new customers into the system.

“We needed to modernize UDF’s digital platform to better manage the whole customer experience, and Paytronix was the perfect partner with experience to guide us,” said Denise Jenkins, VP marketing, insights, loyalty, United Dairy Farmers. “Tapping into Paytronix provided a real jump-start to knowing our customers better and being more relevant to our guests. We need this to be disruptive – people otherwise have blinders on, and will walk right by giant displays, but digital devices and engagement are proving to be a game changer. We can change customer behavior through loyalty, and improve the guest experience.”

UDF operates almost 200 convenience stores and fueling locations across the Midwest.


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