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Ultrafast delivery service adds product content to its offering

Ultrafast delivery service Buyk is partnering with 1WorldSync to provide product content.

Buyk, a new ultrafast grocery delivery service, is enabling partner brands and manufacturers to provide customers with verified product content and images.

The company is leveraging the 1WorldSync platform to facilitate the omnichannel transmission of product descriptions and product information from CPG companies selling goods through its service to end customers. The information is intended to help delivery customers make informed purchasing decisions and enhance brands’ ability to market directly to shoppers.

Buyk recently launched operations in Manhattan with a promise of fulfilling online and mobile orders in 15 minutes or less. Orders require no minimum spend and no delivery fee. New York-based Buyk plans to expand across all New York City boroughs by the end of 2021, and then expand operations in 2022 in the largest metro areas of the U.S.

Like two other ultrafast delivery services which opened in New York City earlier in 2021, Jokr and Gorillas, Buyk relies on dark stores for fulfillment. Each dark store is stocked with 2,000-3,000 SKUs, to deliver groceries and other essentials to customers’ doors in 15 min or faster.

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Dark stores are strategically located to enable maximum coverage in the quickest possible time and are fitted with Buyk’s proprietary technology to optimize the speed of order picking and delivery. Buyk’s technology also provides its personnel with detailed information on a hyperlocal level, to ensure each dark store is stocked according to the specific needs and desires of consumers in that particular area.

In addition to offering national grocery products, Buyk’s assortment will also feature local partners. The company also intends to develop a private label in the near future. The Buyk app is now available to download, with the service currently operating across Manhattan. A wider rollout will bring this service to all of New York City before the end of 2021.

"We are excited to bring Buyk to New York City, where fast delivery for household goods is in high-demand," said Slava Bocharov, CEO and co-founder of Buyk. "With real-time retail, Buyk is able to provide customers with the one thing they often lose out on: time. New Yorkers can access all their favorite New York City brands at the touch of a button. 1WorldSync offers the ideal solution to ensure our end-user customers are receiving accurate and valuable product content. We're looking forward to growing this partnership."

"As they expand into the US market, Buyk is in a strong position to offer consumers fast home delivery, backed by detailed, engaging and up-to-date product content," said T.J. Waldorf, VP of marketing and customer success at 1WorldSync. "Powering their application with brand-verified product content through 1WorldSync will also provide their brand suppliers a seamless platform for sharing product content."

1WorldSync provides omnichannel product content solutions, enabling more than 14,000 companies in over 60 countries to share content for commerce and consumer purchasing decisions.

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