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Uber enables video ad targeting of its customers

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Uber is offering new video ad capabilities.

Uber is unveiling new video opportunities to advertisers across its Uber, Uber Eats and Drizly platforms.

Uber’s advertising division is offering advertisers the opportunity to reach its customers with long-form video messaging, along with visuals.

On Uber Eats, video formats on post check out ads enable advertisers to engage with consumers via video, both pre-dispatch and post-dispatch of orders. According to Uber, early tests show post check out video ads outperform industry viewability benchmarks by 37%. This format is now live in the U.S. and will expand globally in the fall.

In addition, a video advertising format called Journey Ads, which will roll out in the U.S. over coming weeks, enables advertisers to connect with Uber rideshare users via video during their entire ride. Video has also arrived on Uber’s tablet surfaces in the U.S.

And Uber’s Drizly alcoholic beverage e-commerce platform has added video ads to its web and app experiences. Uber says that early results have shown high engagement, with recent Drizly campaigns showing over 70% of the video being watched.

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“As a company that’s focused on going anywhere and getting anything, introducing video is a natural evolution for us and a creative way to bring emotion into motion,” said Dr. Mark Grether, VP, GM, for Uber’s advertising division. “These latest advancements will strengthen how advertisers connect with our audiences when they are the most engaged,

”Together, these video advancements across Uber will pave the way for how advertisers reach audiences when it matters most,” said Grether. “We look forward to continuing to innovate and bring advertisers unique opportunities to connect and engage.”

“We know that it has become increasingly challenging for brands to capture a shopper’s attention in today’s crowded advertising ecosystem, and the new multimedia ad formats on Drizly allow our partners to cut through the noise with brand-owned content that excites, inspires, and informs,” said Amit Patel, GM, BevAlc advertising of Uber’s advertising division.

Uber expands CPG advertising opportunities

In May 2023, Uber began enabling brands to directly promote their brand and products via the Uber Eats delivery app.The company is leveraging the Criteo Commerce Media platform to enable CPG companies to promote their brands and products on the Uber Eats app via a targeted advertising program called Sponsored Items. 

Uber intends for its new performance advertising capabilities to increase discoverability of relevant products and brands for customers, while driving value for both Uber Eats and its brand partners.

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