Wendy’s serves up fast data recovery

The fast food giant has strengthened and simplified its backup and recovery processes.

As part of a larger IT modernization effort, Wendy’s decided to update its existing backup and recovery infrastructure, which was based on a variety of point products from legacy providers. The backup and recovery process was so complicated that it took a full-time dedicated IT staff person to manage and troubleshoot.

After the Wendy’s IT team conducted a three-month proof of concept of data management technology provider Cohesity with Computacenter, a Cohesity resale partner, results indicated backup times were reduced from 12 hours to two. Wendy’s decided to deploy Cohesity across its entire IT environment, which includes one petabyte of data, approximately 850 Linux and Windows servers, and over 700 hundred VMware virtual machines (VMs).

Wendy’s simplified administration by bringing the management of all backup data together in a single interface. This enabled the IT team to free up more than 15 hours per week of staff time (60 hours per month), which could then be spent accelerating other business-critical IT projects within the company. These efficiencies also removed the requirement for a dedicated staff person to handle troubleshooting.

In addition, the retailer was able to automate processes and reduce costs. For example, when the IT team adds a new VM, it is now automatically discovered and assigned the appropriate protection policies through the Cohesity auto-protect feature and integration with VMware vSphere.

Leveraring Cohesity deduplication and compression, Wendy’s was also able to achieve an 18X reduction in storage space required for backups, helping the company reduce capital expenditure costs by $60,000 per year. With plans for a hybrid IT model across the entire enterprise, Cohesity’s flexible platform will help empower Wendy’s to back up on-premises, at its colocation site, or to the cloud.

“Cohesity is playing a key role in Wendy’s ongoing data management modernization efforts,” said Don Murawksi, manager, servers and storage, Wendy’s. “Cohesity simplifies backup, automates key processes, and empowers us to re-allocate staff hours to other critical IT projects. We are already considering other potential use cases for Cohesity.”