Vertical athletic retailer ensures omnichannel price compliance

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Vertical athletic retailer ensures omnichannel price compliance

By Dan Berthiaume - 02/20/2019
Specialty swim/triathlon brand TYR keeps abreast of pricing across channels.

TYR operates its own proprietary e-commerce site and also sells its products through a network of online and brick-and-mortar retailers and distributors, including Amazon and Google. To maintain brand reputation and profit margins, TYR sets minimum advertised prices (MAP) throughout its assortment.

However, with a growing number of SKUs in its assortment and vendors selling its merchandise, TYR found difficulty in monitoring MAP compliance. In addition, TYR discovered unauthorized sellers were also advertising its products below MAP levels.

Needing to comprehensively oversee MAP policies and violations, TYR now uses a MAP monitoring and case management solution from Wiser. TYR feeds product SKUs to Wiser, which uses its platform to track each SKU for MAP violations.

When TYR receives MAP compliance data back from Wiser, the company combines the information with its CRM software to continually track partner performance over time. Metrics include when MAP violations occurred, the difference in actual advertised price compared to MAP price, and how many violations have occurred.

On a weekly basis, TYR takes a snapshot of its total MAP violations and unauthorized sellers. Then, TYR can contact any non-compliant vendor. Wiser data also identifies the sellers that are consistently in violation of MAP, allowing the company to limit distribution of key products to non-compliant sellers or take additional enforcement actions until compliance is restored.

“Wiser adds structure to our MAP enforcement that gives us visibility over time into our distributor relationships,” said Mary Sisson, director of operations for TYR Sport. “We can now see when violations occurred, how they occurred, and manage those relationships accordingly.”