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The Ridge maxes customer experience with AI

Vertical “minimalist product” retailer leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the entire customer journey.

The Ridge, a digitally native online retailer of proprietary, streamlined carbon fiber products such as wallets, phone cases and backpacks, has chosen Linc’s AI-powered platform to provide shoppers with a cohesive experience across the whole buying experience.

The Ridge selected Linc’s platform because it leverages AI, while providing automation in conversational channels as well as a branded post-purchase experience. Specific features of the platform include personalized order tracking, automated chat, and real-time product recommendations. The Ridge can also leverage the platform’s AI capabilities for post-purchase customer care, and has the ability to use it to automate more CRM functions in the future.

“Looking at the customer journey holistically is incredibly important to us,” said Daniel Kane, co-founder and CEO, The Ridge. “We want the characteristics of clarity and ease that we strive for in our product development to ring throughout the entire customer journey, from website navigation, to purchase, to receiving the product. Linc helps us keep that customer experience seamless.”

The Ridge is one of several online specialty retailers that has recently implemented Linc AI technology to boost customer service. Cuts Clothing, which manufactures and sell casual men’s shirts, uses the Linc customer care automation platform to automatically provide customers with AI-based, personalized updates and answers about orders, products, and services, across all touchpoints. Online customer assistance includes pre-purchase product recommendations, as well as post-purchase personalized order tracking.

Meanwhile, Pure play health supplement retailer PureFormulas automatically provides customers with personalized updates and answers about orders, products and services via digital conversational channels including live-updating emails, two-way SMS text, and Facebook Messenger chatbots.
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