Study reveals influencers on influencer shopping habits

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Study reveals influencers on influencer shopping habits

By Dan Berthiaume - 06/21/2019
Increasingly important social influencers do not make purchase decisions in a vacuum.

A new study from global influencer marketing platform, “The 2019 Global Fashion Influencer Study,” provides insight into what motivates social influencers to purchase and promote certain products. The survey of 1,000 fashion influencers demonstrates that these trendsetters actually get their ideas from the same sources as everyone else.

Results indicate that the number one resource for fashion influencers is social media. Seven in 10 (69%) of respondents cite social media as their main influence when it comes to their fashion style, followed by brands (12%), websites (5%), and friends and family (4%). Traditional media such as magazines and TV programs are relegated to the last spots. Almost three-quarters (72%) of respondents rely on social media for product recommendations and to discover the latest fashion trends.

Instagram is the clearly favored social platform among influencers - 87% of respondents say Instagram is their favorite platform for fashion ideas and inspiration. Pinterest is a distant second (7%) and 21 Buttons third (4%).

In addition, influencers influence each other. Eighty-six percent of respondents state that they have purchased apparel or fashion accessories after seeing them on a fellow influencer. Almost half (47%) of influencers have spent $1-$50 on clothes or accessories after seeing them on an influencer. One –third (33%) have spent $50-$100, and 19.5% have spent more than $100.

Influencers tend to be early adopters of technology and social shopping is no different, especially on Instagram, where 42% of fashion influencers have already made a purchase. Despite this embrace of next-generation shopping solutions, 51% of influencers state that they usually buy clothes and accessories in physical stores, while 43% shop online and 5% shop on mobile apps.

Of those who shop online, the majority (49%) shop on a brand’s e-commerce sites, followed by those who prefer multi-brand online retailers or marketplaces (25%). What influencers value the most when making online purchases is a speedy delivery, followed by the availability of a wide range of sizes, ease of purchase, and a flexible return policy.

Somewhat surprisingly, making money is not the top reason respondents give for dedicating the time and expense needed to become a social influencer. More than half (52%) cite sharing their knowledge and love for fashion with their followers as the top reason why they like to work as influencers. However, 22% want to be fulltime content creators and 21% aspire to launch their fashion brands in the future.