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Shopify offers retailers fulfilling new service

Shopify is introducing several new offerings, including a proprietary fulfillment network.

Shopify is now operating a dedicated network of fulfillment centers intended to ensure timely deliveries and lower shipping costs for retailers using the e-commerce platform. The company employs machine learning-based inventory allocation technology to predict the closest fulfillment centers and optimal inventory quantities per location for fast, low-cost delivery. Shopify’s fulfillment network is designed to take care of everything after a customer checks out.

The company is also rolling out several other new services. These include:

• Shopify Plus, a platform for large enterprise retailers providing a single view of the entire business, tools that facilitate a consistent experience across stores, and an easier way to create new stores;

• A new POS system with simple interface, new customer service shortcuts, and access to all of Shopify’s POS app extensions;

• 11 new languages including traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hindi, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, and Thai;

• Shopify Payments, a feature enabling retailers to sell in multiple currencies and get paid in their local currency;

• The ability to display products in video and 3D models within Shopify;

• Integration of subscription payment solutions directly into Shopify’s checkout.
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