Roots digs deep into employee performance

Specialty retailer delivers bite-sized insights to frontline managers.

Roots, which operates 120 stores selling apparel, accessories and home furnishings in the US and Canada, is deploying the latest version of the Nudge Rewards mobile frontline employee performance platform. Leveraging a Nudge-enabled app, frontline managers can receive real-time coaching on how to maximize the performance of store associates.

The app delivers small insights, called “nudges,” based on analysis of team performance and location metrics. For example, a Roots store manager may receive mobile notification that only a few associates are knowledgeable about a new promotion, with guidance on how to boost employee awareness of it.

“As a growing global brand with a retail store team spread across Canada and the U.S., it is important that we are always communicating with the field in the most efficient and engaging way possible,” said Almira Cuizon, VP of retail operations at Roots. “Nudge Rewards enables us to deliver clear and consistent messaging to our entire team all at once and in a more compelling way, creating an exceptional employee experience and helping us to better execute on our retail store growth plans.”