Report: Technology lets customers vet Amazon sellers pre-purchase

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Report: Technology lets customers vet Amazon sellers pre-purchase

By Deena M. Amato-McCoy - 03/12/2018
Customers have a new way to validate Amazon seller ratings before they even spend a dollar.

A new technology solution is giving shoppers an accurate and complete picture of Amazon sellers. The solution brings relevant reviews to the surface that may otherwise be buried, directing shoppers to the most trustworthy sellers, according to CNBC.

The technology, called ReconBob, from 3PM Solutions, debunks any inaccuracies in Amazon seller ratings. While Amazon’s site may display high seller ratings, low-rated reviews may be buried, and out of sight of prospective buyers. By downloading ReconBob, customers have armor against a poor customer experience.

Here’s how it works: Customers download ReconBob, a plug-in for Google's Chrome browser.  As customers search for merchandise on Amazon, ReconBob approval ratings are displayed in the results. Shoppers can also open a specific product page, and click on the ReconBob icon for further details, including why it is approved or reviews from unhappy customers regarding product quality or customer service.

The technology also reveals relevant reviews, including if merchants are selling expired goods, featuring used products as new items, offering knockoffs, or if items come with broken seals, according to the report.

The tool could come in handy to ensure the safety of consumables and other consumer packaged goods sold by third parties. Over half the items sold on Amazon, including sensitive items like food and skincare products, come from third-party sellers.

Rob Dunkel, founder of 3PM Solutions, told CNBC, “It helps them understand who they're buying from on Amazon and creates transparency. We want consumers to look and learn a little more about who the seller is."

ReconBob could also help in the fight against counterfeit merchandise. Amazon competitor eBay is already taking a stand against counterfeiters hiding behind its online marketplace. For example, eBay recently launched eBay Authenticate, a program that uses third-party industry experts to authenticate luxury handbags and exploit any counterfeit merchandise. The marketplace plans to expand the program to other categories this year.

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