Report: NBCUniversal airs new TV-based shopping feature

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Report: NBCUniversal airs new TV-based shopping feature

By Dan Berthiaume - 05/06/2019
The latest NBCUniversal pilot is reportedly an e-commerce service called ShoppableTV.

According to TechCrunch, the ShoppableTV initiative enables viewers to scan QR codes displayed during TV shows with their smartphones. The codes directly bring up specific e-commerce sites on the viewer’s phone. Viewers are alerted when a “shoppable moment” (QR code display) is about to take place.

NBCUniversal says ShoppableTV is the first instance of QR codes driving direct sales during national TV broadcasts. Reportedly, a recent test of ShoppableTV during the broadcast of the popular NBC morning program “Today” generated thousands of QR codes scans and six-figure sales results within minutes.

“By pairing brands with our premium content, owning every stage of the purchase funnel and removing the barriers consumers traditionally encounter between seeing a product and making a purchase, we’re giving marketers a direct sales channel to millions of viewers across the country,” NBCUniversal Josh Feldman said in a press statement obtained by TechCrunch.