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Report: Amazon really, really wants to know consumers

Amazon is reportedly working on a wearable device that would give the e-tailer unprecedented insight into consumers.

According to Bloomberg, internal Amazon documents indicate the company is developing a voice-activated, wrist-worn device that would recognize the wearer’s emotions by analyzing their voice. Reportedly being jointly developed under the code name “Dylan” by Amazon’s Lab126 hardware group and Alexa voice software division, the device is classified as a “health and wellness” product.

Dylan is being designed to pair with a smartphone app, and features microphones and voice analysis software to capture and evaluate the user’s voice. Eventually, Amazon wants the device to be able to offer users advice based on their emotional state.

In addition to analyzing consumer emotional health and offering constructive advice, Bloomberg points out Amazon could also use this device to make targeted offers and recommendations based on how a customer us feeling. Amalgamated emotional data could also help Amazon better design and market future health devices, or target specific population segments based on their general emotional state.

Amazon has not publicly commented, and the reviewed documents did not specify a planned release date. Read the full article here.
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