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Pizza Hut works on delivery - of improved customer experience

The quick-service pizza chain is continuing efforts to create an engaging customer journey across channels.

Pizza Hut USA will implement the Medallia Experience Cloud customer experience platform. Leveraging the cloud-based technology, Pizza Hut intends to expand its ability to interact with customers and employees in real time. The platform is designed to collect data from in-person, digital and Internet of Things (IoT)-based customer interactions and apply artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide personalized and predictive insights, such as in-the-moment cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

“We’re obsessed with delivering an experience for our customers where they feel happy, valued and cared for,” said Paul Brandt, VP of customer experience, Pizza Hut USA. “By partnering with Medallia and using their world-class experience management platform, our teams will be better equipped than ever to deliver on this promise.”

Pizza Hut USA is following up on its December 2018 acquisition of QuikOrder, an online ordering software and service provider for the restaurant industry. At the time, Pizza Hut said it was trying to improve its ability to deliver an easy and personalized online ordering experience and accelerate digital innovation across its base of more than 6,000 restaurants in the U.S.
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