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Paid search helps Lamps Plus personalize online product pages

A specialty lamps retailer is using predictive analytics to deliver personalized product landing pages to online customers.

Paid search campaigns are a key part of the Lamps Plus marketing strategy, but the company struggled with increasing bounce rates. By extending its partnership with Certona, Lamps Plus is using personalized product landing pages to reduce this attrition and better engage shoppers.

Using data from Google paid search campaigns, the platform enables Lamps Plus to deliver a relevant selection of similar products based on shoppers’ interactions with a product listing advertisement (PLA). As shoppers discover a PLA on Google, clicking that ad brings them to a personalized LampsPlus online landing page that features the product in the PLA, as well as a relevant sort of personalized product recommendations powered by Certona’s predictive algorithm. The curated merchandise is based on results from real-time shopper behavior, paid search keywords and other contextual information, such as device type, referring search engine, location and time of day.

This new strategy has increased product relevance, slashed product listing advertisement bounce rates by 22%, and reduced external traffic bounce rates by 17%s, according to the company.

“Lamps Plus has benefitted from Certona’s expertise with personalization technology and by expanding this program to better support paid traffic sources, we have significantly improved the customer experience,” said Angela Hsu, senior VP of marketing and e-commerce, Lamps Plus. “Our personalization program ensures that customers see an expanded selection of lighting and home furnishing products that match their preferences and needs, which has generated more sales.”

The program is an extension of Lamps Plus’ other personalization efforts, including delivering individualized product recommendations and curated merchandising capabilities via the company’s website and email channels.
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