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Nation's largest mall gives holiday shoppers AI-based assistance

The Mall of America has launched a first-of-kind chatbot for shopping malls.

Done in collaboration with Satisfi Labs, the location-based AI chatbot program is designed to provide faster customer service to busy holiday shoppers. The chatbot, available on Mall of America's website, mobile app, and Facebook page, can answer questions in real-time about gifting, food recommendations, and attractions and holiday events happening in the mall, based on a user's specific location and in real-time.

The Mall of America chatbot is Satisfi Lab's first fully integrated retail location bot that uses multiple data feeds, over different customer touch-points, to answer customer's questions in natural language, and within seconds. Along with providing food and event recommendations, the chatbot can:

• Provide directions to all the stores, restaurants, attractions and services based on the user's current location based on Mall of America's location API.

• Recommend the mall's top gift items and brands, as well as directing the user on which stores these brands are located in.

• Connect the user with a digital guest service representative in real-time if an ongoing AI conversation requires more information.

The chatbot is part of a larger digital transformation at Mall of America that includes in-mall activations such as SoftBank's Humanoid robot, Pepper.

"Satisfi Labs and SoftBank have been incredible partners, helping us to continue leading the retail industry with the newest forms of technology that ultimately help give our guests a better experience while visiting Mall of America," said Sarah Townes, VP of marketing for Mall of America.
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