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Mobile custom footwear retailer leaps beyond app with AI

Wiivv is bringing its digitally customized footwear beyond the app environment with artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Volumental.

Wiivv provides a mobile app that recorded measurements of consumers’ feet to create custom-fit, 3D-printed footwear. Users take photos of their feet, which Wiivv digitally maps to 200 points to design custom shoes. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Wiivv then performs 3D printing and assembly of its insoles and sandals in San Diego, California. Customers have their shoes delivered in 10 days.

Now, Wiivv is also seeking to make its product available beyond the confines of its app via an integration with AI-powered technology provider Volumental. Leveraging the 3D scanner of the Volumental Fit Engine solution, Wiivv can take 10 different in-store consumer foot measurements with one click in five seconds. Fit Engine then uses AI-based algorithms to create personalized recommendations for shoppers.

“Until today, brands seeking custom fit technology had to choose whether to invest in retail or mobile, and consumers had to navigate two separate worlds,” said Wiivv co-founder and CEO Shamil Hargovan. “We believe the future of consumer retail is channel-agnostic. With our partner, Volumental, it is now possible to bring the digital science of comfort and customization anywhere, giving consumers flexible yet consistent on-ramps to custom products made using Wiivv Fit Technology.”

“Customers have been telling us they want the freedom to recommend both off-the-shelf and custom footwear, in retail and online,” said Moritz Schiebold, Volumental CEO. “We’ve worked hard to deliver that over the past year by expanding our omnichannel offerings and teaming up with customization partners like Wiivv.”
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