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Marimekko taps social media data to create customer-driven assortments

A Finnish design company known for its original prints and colors is combining social media and predictive analytics to step up its product designs.

Marimekko, whose product assortment includes clothing, accessories and a wide array of home décor items, is tapping into the power of predictive analytics to meet the needs of its customer base, which spans 40 countries. In 2016, the company entered into a partnership with First Insight to use the supplier’s predictive analytics platform to hone in on customer data, and feature designs that would resonate best with customers.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and now Marimekko is using the platform also to tap into social media. The solution’s online social engagement tools enable Marimekko to gather real-time preference, pricing and sentiment data on potential product offerings. By filtering information through the solution’s algorithms, the company can better determine which products present the greatest opportunity.

“Customer input has become a crucial tool for picking successful designs,” said Päivi Lonka, chief sales officer at Marimekko. “Our customers are excited to be included in our new product creation process, and are responding at high rates to our requests for input.”
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