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Marie Claire dresses up first-ever pop-up store with technology innovations

An 80-year-old fashion magazine is using technology to bring the fashion, beauty and entertainment featured on its glossy pages to life.

Marie Claire is launching a pop-up store called “The Next Big Thing Concept Shop.” The store, which is located in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, is organized by the magazine’s three main sections: @Play, which focuses on recreation; @Peak, a section based on wellness, and @Work, which is focused on career. Neiman Marcus stylists will provide advice and tips on the latest selection all designer fashions available at the store.

The iconic magazine is integrating different technology innovations, supported by MasterCard technology, to engage shoppers throughout their store visit. For example, dressing rooms feature interactive mirrors from Oak Labs that recommend accessories for outfits, and Clarins beauty counters display Sensor Mirror Pro virtual skincare mirrors, which were developed by MemoMi.

The store also features an integrated mobile app that enables visitors to make seamless cashless transactions — supported by MasterCard — from anywhere within the store, including the fitting room mirrors. Customers can also use the app to book one-on-one appointments with Neiman Marcus fashion stylists, and sign up for a variety of in-store events and activities.

“Since its inception, Marie Claire has led influential and important women on the path to discovery, proving that curiosity is the best currency,” said Marie Claire VP/publisher Nancy Berger. “We’re excited to share what’s new and what’s next, while offering New Yorkers to experience the future of shopping with our partners at Mastercard.”

The store will be open between Sept. 21 and Oct. 12.
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