Hot Topic stays on top of the latest data trends

The specialty apparel/accessories retailer is automating the collection and analysis of data.

Having expanded to more than 600 stores nationwide and also growing its e-commerce business, Hot Topic wanted to increase insight into store operations and speed up reporting systems. In addition, the retailer sought to obtain deeper, more granular insight into e-commerce operations and a way to connect the experience of customers across all channels.

This required integrating disconnected data sources and automating cumbersome, manual reporting processes. To achieve its desired level of seamless operational insight, Hot Topic is deploying the cloud-based Robling Data as a Service (DaaS) omnichannel analytics platform.

Leveraging Robling DaaS, which is designed specifically for retailers, Hot Topic can make data analytics-ready from across all key systems, including merchandising, e-commerce, supply chain, CRM, and financial. Hot Topic is also utilizing the unified data analysis platform from Robling partner Looker to streamline the delivery of real-time, actionable business insights to store associates.

The Robling solution features pre-built integrations with Looker. Via a partnership with the Snowflake cloud-based data warehouse, it also provides instant elasticity, enterprise-scale security and usage-based pricing.

"Traditional tools like spreadsheets were no longer sufficient for the needs of a complex, omnichannel business like ours," said Mike Yerkes, COO, Hot Topic. “It could take hours, even days, to run and assemble weekly reports that were critical to the business. With Robling, we can maintain a lean reporting and technical group, even as we unleash all our critical data to optimize store operations and support the connected, omnichannel experiences our customers have come to expect.”