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Google takes on AWS for Retail with new cloud platform

It’s not Greek mythology, but two technology titans are clashing in the cloud.

Google is releasing Google Cloud for Retail, a suite of cloud-based retail solutions that will directly challenge the Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Retail cloud platform. Google Cloud for Retail is also coming out as Microsoft is considering releasing an e-commerce platform to compete with Shopify, which runs on Google cloud technology.

Google’s solutions are aimed at enabling retailers with cloud capabilities for specific use cases including store operations, merchandising, and customer acquisition and retention. Google says it designed Google Cloud for Retail around the six core pillars of the retail value chain: customer acquisition and retention, omnichannel commerce, merchandising and assortment, product lifecycle management, store operations, and logistics, fulfillment and delivery.

Specific Google Cloud for Retail modules include e-Commerce Hosting, which provides flexible, scalable hosting capabilities for e-commerce platforms. Google also offers technical architecture reviews and peak season operations support to help retailers deliver a seamless shopping experience during the most critical times, such as Black Friday.

The Real Time Inventory Management and Analytics solution provides inventory visibility across shelves, aisles, and stockrooms, providing data to improve the in-store experience for customers.

The Empowered Associates solution combines Google’s G Suite cloud-based collaboration tools with social intranet capabilities from Google partners and makes them available to all employees for an improved shopping experience.

Google Cloud for Retail also includes solutions equipped with Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. For example, Vision Product Search, built on the Google Cloud Vision AI development platform, enables retailers to integrate Google Lens-type capabilities into mobile experiences. Customers can take photos and screenshots of products from their phone, and receive real-time results of similar or complementary items from the retailer’s product catalog.

In addition to its new suite of cloud-based retail solutions, Google is also partnering with a wide variety of technology companies and consulting groups to release other cloud-based applications that perform a full range of retail tasks. These partners include Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, Salesforce, SAP, and Trax.

Visit Google’s Retail Solutions page to see the full list of available solutions:
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