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Fragrance retailer uses AI to manage price and promotions internationally

Douglas is creating a new pricing strategy that focuses on its customer segments, even those in other countries.

Fragrance retailer Douglas is expanding its breadth, both online and through brick-and-mortar locations. To manage its business across 19 European countries, Douglas is partnering with Revionics to create a more dynamic pricing across its international operations.

Leveraged by the company’s new pricing department, the AI-based Revionics Price Optimization and Promotion Optimization solution ensures Douglas can create the right pricing policy and promotions that will drive customer engagement. The company expects the technology to strengthen and expand its No. 1 market position, as well as help it compete in the increasingly competitive German marketplace.

“One of our key targets is to position Douglas as the consumer-centric beauty destination. Aiming at this goal, we are heavily investing in state-of-the-art technologies in order to strengthen our competitive power,” said Tina Müller, CEO of Douglas. “With Revionics’ analytics and optimization capabilities, we can craft pricing and promotional offers that are most relevant for shoppers, while also delivering consistent price strategies across all our markets as we continue both organic and acquisition-based business growth.”
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